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Number of hits: 9 Records    




Issue Number/Label

Year of Release


Carsten Woll.

Aa kjöre vatten aa kjöre ve

9246: Edison Blue Amberol
6663: Edison Record



Carsten Woll.

Astri! Mi Astri!

9245: Edison Blue Amberol
6664: Edison Record



Carsten Woll.

Gamble Norge

9247: Edison Blue Amberol
6675: Edison Record



Tenor solo (in Norwegian) performed by Carsten Woll ; with orchestra accompaniment.

Ingalill / [Rosenfeld].

9248: Edison Blue Amberol


Carsten Woll.

Ja vi elsker dette landet

9244: Edison Blue Amberol
6702: Edison Record



Carsten Woll.

Jeg längter mot sol og sommer

9251: Edison Blue Amberol
7396: Edison Record



Carsten Woll.


9250: Edison Blue Amberol
7428: Edison Record



Carsten Woll.

Saeterjentens sondag

9243: Edison Blue Amberol
6671-C: Edison Record



Carsten Woll.

Sommersol til sidste stund!

9252: Edison Blue Amberol
6755: Edison Record



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The Indestructible Record Company began making celluloid cylinders in 1906 that would not break like wax cylinders.

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