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"Adopt a Cylinder" Program

It costs the library $60 to preserve a single cylinder, including rehousing, cataloging, and digitizeing it for public access. We currently have a backlog of over 2,000 cylinders that are not yet digitized. In 2010 a grant from the GRAMMY Foundation® supported the digitization of over 1,000 cylinders, but there are still hundreds more to be preserved and digitized.

If you would like to "adopt" a cylinder, we will prioritize the digitization of a cylinder and put it online for you and others to listen to. A $60 tax deductible donation* to the cylinder project will ensure the preservation of the cylinder of your choice. Email project director at seubert@library.ucsb.edu to adopt a cylinder or send a check payable to "UC Regents" to:

David Seubert
Davidson Library
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-9010

Currently, we only accept payment via check or wire transfer (no Paypal or credit cards at the current time). Please provide your name and city if you wish to be acknowledged as the adoptee of the cylinder.

The library thanks the following donors for adopting cylinders:

*Only available for US taxpayers.

An initiative of the UC Santa Barbara Library • (805) 893-5444 • Santa Barbara, CA 93106-9010. [Envelope] Direct questions or comments about the project or this page to the project staff or visit the help pages.

Featured Cylinder

Predilecta - Trio Instrumental Arriaga. (Edison Blue Amberol: 22027), Edison Amberol: 6027), [1909].

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Did You Know?
In 1905 Columbia introduced its Twentieth Century cylinders which were six inches long and had a playing time of 3 minutes. They were discontinued in 1908 due to poor sales.

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