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Project Staff

This project was a collaborative effort between many people. Project staff however are solely responsible for the content, though many other individuals have given generously of their time, knowledge and advice.

Project Director

Cylinder Digitizing Technicians

  • Meredith Bak*, Gabe Bustos*, Brendan Coates, Malcolm Gault-Williams*, Dain Lopez, Greg Minihan*, Noah Pollaczek*, Humberto Solis*.

Cylinder Catalogers

  • Levi Hanes*, Zak Liebhaber*, Su-Ching Lin*. Dain Lopez, Marlene Moreno, Nadine Turner.

Systems Support

  • Ana Fidler, Nick Laviola, Ian Lessing, Josh Preston, Scott Smith.


  • Steven Greeran, David Seubert

Cylinder History

  • Benjamin Reitz, Noah Pollaczek, David Seubert (text), Tony Mastres (photos)

Student Employees

Matt Belding*, Haakon Ellingboe, Cory Hansen*, Hannah Freund*, Ambre Gonzales*, Dhanika Halili, Janet Kim*, Alex Knox*, Parker Lanting*, Brendan Lucas*, Ani Manukyan*, Rebecca Monroe*, Marlene Moreno*, Samantha Pineda*, Sarin Puri*, Nicole Sonquist*, Lauren Westerschulte*.

Special Thanks

Jill Breedon, Tim Brooks, Martin F. Bryan, Sam Brylawski, Henri Chamoux, Gene DeAnna, Ron Dethlefson, Jerry Fabris, Tim Fabrizio, Patrick Feaster, Tom and Virginia Hawthorn, Barbara Hirsch, Tom Hurd, Bill Klinger, John Levin, Edie MacDougal, Catherine Masi, Kurt Nauck, Jon Noring, Jeff and Steve Oliphant, Cian Phillips, Bill Schurk, Dave Valentine.


An initiative of the UC Santa Barbara Library • (805) 893-5444 • Santa Barbara, CA 93106-9010. [Envelope] Direct questions or comments about the project or this page to the project staff or visit the help pages.
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Did You Know?
Some instruments recorded better than others with the acoustic recording process. Typically loud instruments like brass recorded well, while softer instruments like violins didn't.

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