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Number of hits: 11 Records    




Issue Number/Label

Year of Release


Armand Vecsey and his Hungarian orchestra.

Back home in Tennessee

2824: Edison Blue Amberol
4355: Edison Record



[Arthur] Collins and [Byron G.] Harlan.

Celebratin' day in Tennessee

2314: Edison Blue Amberol



The Harmony Four.

For you and Tennessee

3423: Edison Blue Amberol
5857: Edison Record



Vocals by J.J. Fisher, baritone ; with piano accompaniment.

The girl I loved in sunny Tennessee /

7181: Columbia Phonograph Co.


Frederic Rose.

The heart you lost in Maryland you'll find in Tennessee

9782: Edison Gold Moulded Record



Reese Jones [i.e. Billy Jones].

I'll always keep a corner in my heart for Tennessee

4061: Edison Blue Amberol
7292: Edison Record



Elizabeth Spencer.

In dear old Tennessee

10467: Edison Standard Record



George Wilton Ballard and chorus.

Just try to picture me back home in Tennessee

2819: Edison Blue Amberol
4247: Edison Record



Broadway Dance Orchestra.

My sunny Tennessee

4394: Edison Blue Amberol
8086: Edison Record



Premier Quartet [i.e. American Quartet].

Tennessee, I hear you calling me

2581: Edison Blue Amberol
3538: Edison Record



Frederic Rose.

There's a warm spot in my heart for Tennessee

10072: Edison Standard Record



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