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Number of hits: 25 Records    




Issue Number/Label

Year of Release


Vernon Dalhart & Co.

The Boston burglar

5129: Edison Blue Amberol
10540: Edison Record



Vernon Dalhart and Company.

The death of Floyd Collins

5049: Edison Blue Amberol
10556: Edison Record



Vernon Dalhart and Company.

Doin' the best I can

5016: Edison Blue Amberol
10259: Edison Record



Vernon Dalhart and Company.

The dying girl's message

5267: Edison Blue Amberol
11312: Edison Record



Vernon Dalhart & Co.

The freight wreck at Altoona

5122: Edison Blue Amberol
10803: Edison Record



Ernest V. Stoneman and his Dixie Mountaineers.

Hand me down my walking cane

5297: Edison Blue Amberol
11481: Edison Record



Vernon Dalhart and Company.

In the baggage coach ahead

5011: Edison Blue Amberol
10315: Edison Record



Vernon Dalhart & Co.

The letter edged in black

5088: Edison Blue Amberol
10668: Edison Record



Vocals by The Blue Ridge Duo (Gene Austin and George Reneau).

Life's railway to heaven /

4968: Edison Blue Amberol
9735: Edison Record


The Blue Ridge Duo (Gene Austin and George Reneau).

Little brown jug

4973: Edison Blue Amberol
9730-A: Edison Record



Vernon Dalhart.

The Miami storm

5237: Edison Blue Amberol
11230: Edison Record



Vernon Dalhart.

The Mississippi flood

5395: Edison Blue Amberol
10836: Edison Record



Vernon Dalhart and Carson Robison.

My Blue Ridge Mountain home

5414: Edison Blue Amberol
E 11873: Edison Record



Vernon Dalhart and Company.

New river train

5032: Edison Blue Amberol
10425: Edison Record



Fiddlin' Powers & Family.

Old Joe Clark

5076: Edison Blue Amberol
10612: Edison Record



Ernest V. Stoneman and his Dixie Mountaineers.

The old maid and the burglar

5531: Edison Blue Amberol
E18442: Edison Record



Vocals by Ernest V. Stoneman and the Dixie Mountaineers ; singing, fiddle, banjo and guitar.

Once I had a fortune.

5357: Edison Blue Amberol
11461: Edison Record


Vernon Dalhart and Company.

The prisoner's song

4954: Edison Blue Amberol
9789: Edison Record



Vernon Dalhart and Company ; Herbert Soman, violin ; Carson Robison, guitar.

Rovin' gambler

5027: Edison Blue Amberol
10424-C: Edison Record



Ernest V. Stoneman and his Dixie Mountaineers.

Two little orphans

5338: Edison Blue Amberol
11464: Edison Record



Ernest V. Stoneman.

When the work's all done this fall

5188: Edison Blue Amberol
11054: Edison Record



Cowen Powers.

The wild and reckless hobo

5131: Edison Blue Amberol
10624: Edison Record



Ernest V. Stoneman.

Wild Bill Jones

5196: Edison Blue Amberol
11056: Edison Record



Vernon Dalhart.

The wreck on the southern Old 97

4898: Edison Blue Amberol



Gene Austin & George Reneau (The Blue Ridge Duo).

You will never miss your mother etc.

4961: Edison Blue Amberol
9731: Edison Record



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