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Number of hits: 9 Records    




Issue Number/Label

Year of Release


Humorous recitation by Charles Ross Taggart.

A country fiddler at the telephone /

4668: Edison Blue Amberol
8598: Edison Record


Vocals by Len Spencer and Ada Jones.

Darktown courtship

32980: Columbia Phonograph Co.




Défense de cracher

2540: Cylindres Pathé



Dave Martin.

Goldberg's automobile troubles

3083: Edison Blue Amberol
5004: Edison Record



Comic sketch by Cal Stewart as Uncle Josh Weathersby.

Jim Lawson's horse trade with Deacon Weatherspoon.

7847: Edison Record


Comic monologue (in English and Norwegian) by Ethel C. Olson.

The Larson kids go bathing /

4601: Edison Blue Amberol
7176: Edison Record


Comic sketch by Roberts and Campbell.

Leander and Lulu.

32462: Columbia Phonograph Co.


Comic sketch and song by the Imperial Minstrels.

[Title not known].


Cal Stewart.

Uncle Josh comments on the signs seen in New York city /

14023: Columbia Phonograph Co.


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The Indestructible Record Company began making celluloid cylinders in 1906 that would not break like wax cylinders.

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