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Number of hits: 12 Records    




Issue Number/Label

Year of Release


Arthur Collins and Byron G. Harlan.

Everything is peaches down in Georgia

3617: Edison Blue Amberol
6286: Edison Record



Walter Van Brunt and chorus.

Georgia land

1735: Edison Blue Amberol



Edison Modern Minstrels.

Georgia minstrels

8672: Edison Gold Moulded Record



Irving Gillette [i.e. Henry Burr].

In dear old Georgia

9099: Edison Gold Moulded Record



Byron G. Harlan and Frank C. Stanley.

Marching thro' Georgia

8606: Edison Gold Moulded Record



Indestructible Military Band.

Marching through Georgia

1069: Indestructible Record




Marching through Georgia

3469: Indestructible Record



James F. Harrison

Marching through Georgia

733: Edison Amberol

[ca. 1911]


James F. Harrison.

Marching through Georgia

1888: Edison Blue Amberol
733: Edison Amberol



Gilmore's Band.

Marching through Georgia

1638: Columbia

[between 1896 and 1900]


Columbia Drum, Fife and Bugle Corps.

Marching through Georgia

12801: Columbia Phonograph Co.



Arthur Collins and Byron G. Harlan.

'Way down in Georgia

10478: Edison Standard Record



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Most early cylinders had a spoken announcement at the beginning with the name of the piece, performer and company. The practice ended around 1909.

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