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Issue Number/Label

Year of Release


Rachael Grant [i.e. Gladys Rice] and Billy Murray.

After you've gone

3666: Edison Blue Amberol
6454: Edison Record



Arthur Fields.

All those in favor say aye

3777: Edison Blue Amberol
6666: Edison Record



George Wilton Ballard and male chorus.

The allies march to freedom

2821: Edison Blue Amberol
4215: Edison Record



Edward Meeker.

Any old place the gang goes

3564: Edison Blue Amberol
6183: Edison Record



Elizabeth Spencer and chorus.

Are we downhearted - no!

2774: Edison Blue Amberol
3688: Edison Record



Billy Murray and chorus.

Are you the O'Reilly?

2655: Edison Blue Amberol
3856: Edison Record



Premier Quartet [i.e. American Quartet] and Company.

The battle in the air

3618: Edison Blue Amberol
6283: Edison Record



New York Military Band.

Battle of the Marne

3018: Edison Blue Amberol
4673: Edison Record



Premier Quartet [i.e. American Quartet].

Bing! Bang! Bing' em on the Rhine

3494: Edison Blue Amberol
6050: Edison Record



Frederick Wheeler.

Boys of the Dardanelles

2869: Edison Blue Amberol
4455: Edison Record



Reese Jones [i.e. Billy Jones].

Bring me a letter from my old home town

3549: Edison Blue Amberol
6157: Edison Record



Chorus of Male Voices.

Camp songs, U.S. Army.

3403: Edison Blue Amberol
5851: Edison Record



Chorus of Male Voices.

Camp songs, U.S. Army.

3402: Edison Blue Amberol
5849: Edison Record



Helen Clark.

Chimes of Normandy

3529: Edison Blue Amberol
6040: Edison Record



Premier Quartet [i.e. American Quartet], assisted by Ada Jones.

Daddy, I want to go

3453: Edison Blue Amberol
5901: Edison Record



Helen Clark.

Daddy mine

3555: Edison Blue Amberol
6167: Edison Record



Bob Willis, Ada Jones, and Edward Meeker.

Danny's return from France

3840: Edison Blue Amberol
6678: Edison Record



Premier Quartet [i.e. American Quartet].

Dixie is Dixie once more

3839: Edison Blue Amberol
6789: Edison Record



Premier Quartet [i.e. American Quartet].

The Dixie volunteers

3479: Edison Blue Amberol
6023: Edison Record



Walter Van Brunt.

Don't bite the hand that's feeding you

2948: Edison Blue Amberol
4686: Edison Record



George Wilton Ballard.

Don't cry Frenchy, don't cry

3800: Edison Blue Amberol
6706: Edison Record



Joseph A. Phillips, Helen Clark, and chorus.

Don't take my darling boy away

2622: Edison Blue Amberol
3700: Edison Record



Helen Clark and Criterion Quartet.

Each stitch is a thought of you, dear

3496: Edison Blue Amberol
6053: Edison Record



Vocals by William White ; with male chorus accompaniment.

For auld lang syne! Australia will be there /

2870: Edison Blue Amberol
4454-A: Edison Record


Arthur Middleton and chorus.

Freedom for all forever

29011: Edison Royal Purple Amberol
6239: Edison Record



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