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Issue Number/Label

Year of Release


Spindler [i.e. Julius Spindler], Santangelo, and Giammatteo [i.e. Anthony Giammatteo].

Dialogue for three

1616: Edison Blue Amberol



Performers not identified.


15450: Edison Goldguss Walze



Louis [?] Fontbonne, flute. Louis Gaudard, oboe.

Guillaume Tell

17316: Cylindres Edison Moulés Sur Or

[between 1904 and 1905]


Venetian Instrumental Quartet (includes Gregor Skolnik, violin; Leo Taussig, cello; Julius Spindler, flute; Paul Sureth, harp).

Heimweh (longing for home)

1604: Edison Blue Amberol



Caesar Addimando.

Petite mignon

10011: Edison Standard Record



Performer not identified.


15518: Edison Goldguss Walze



Performer not identified.

Une soirée prés du [E]ac

7924: Cylindres Pathé
23642: Cylindres Pathé



Polka pour hautbois, Orchestra Pathé Frères.

La villageoise

7836: Cylindres Pathé
21159: Cylindres Pathé



Edison Symphony Orchestra.

Waltz of the roses

9237: Edison Gold Moulded Record



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Polonaise in D major - Albert Spalding. (Edison Amberol: 177), [1909].

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