[Brown wax home recording of Swanee River, played on violin by Henry Van Hoevenberg, recorded over commercial recording of band music].

Henry Van Hoevenberg.
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Cylinder 13060

Alternate Title:
Swanee river
Announcement at beginning: "Swanee River, played by Henry Van Hoevenberg."
Brown wax cylinder.
Place of recording likely the United States.
Violin solo played over much slower palimpsest commercial recording of band music, announced "Columbia Phonograph Company of New York and Paris." Henry Van Hoevenberg, Sr. ("Mr. Van," 1849-1918) was a well-known Adirondack pioneer and telegraphic inventor; his obituary (Lake Placid News, March 1, 1918, p. 5) states that he used to entertain his guests "at Vanguard with the phonograph to which his ingenuity had added numerous refinements."
Sung in English.
The David Giovannoni Collection of home cylinder recordings (Set Number: 238-01).
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Cylinder 13060