Arreola Family Collection of Mexican and Cuban Cylinders in the Lynn Andersen Collection

Lynn Andersen (1937-2015), a collector of early phonograph recordings, was particularly interested in foreign recordings and acquired a collection of Mexican and Cuban cylinders that had originally been assembled by the Arreola family of Florence, Arizona Territory, before 1910. These cylinders have a unique provenance in that they have stayed together for over 100 years, first with the Arreola family, later being sold (or given) to noted Los Angeles collector Ray Phillips, and later sold to Lynn Andersen then of Bisbee Arizona. In 2016 they were acquired by UCSB and will now stay together indefinitely and be accessible to the public.

Andersen performed pioneering research on Edison's Mexican cylinders and assembled primary source documents on Edison's early field trips to Mexico before 1910 and wrote articles for the Soundbox, a collector's magazine where many collectors published their research. These documents are presented here, along with a playlist of Mexican and Cuban cylinders originally compiled by Andersen for presentations to collectors, community groups, and schools, that we are now presenting as a podcast.

The research and study on these early recordings is far from complete, partly because they are so difficult to find. UCSB's Cylinder Audio Archive now has one of the largest collections of commercial Mexican and Cuban cylinder recordings, which are now online for listening and study.

- David Seubert, Curator


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