[Brown wax home recording of a man and two children including Albert Boyd talking about a sociable held the night before, January 23, 1901].

Albert Boyd and other speakers.
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Cylinder 12818

Brown wax cylinder.
Place of recording likely the United States.
Man speaks (over another brief palimpsest recording at the start): "[Eight o'clock (?)], January twenty-fourth, nineteen hundred and one. Last evening we had a sociable at our house, and we had a full house. Over one hundred people were here, [...? said he had] thirty horses to look after over [at] the barn. Now the little folks want to say something. Now, Albert Boyd, you speak." One child speaks and sings; then another describes the events of the evening and notes that they had a phonograph. Finally, the first speaker returns: "Well, we're 'bout the end of this roll so we'll have to call it quits; I don't know how this record's coming off...."
Sung in English.
The David Giovannoni Collection of home cylinder recordings (Set Number: 105-01).
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Cylinder 12818