[Brown wax home recording of singing and speech by Mary Frodsham Greenhow, June 19, 1898].

Mary Frodsham Greenhow.
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Cylinder 12856

Brown wax cylinder.
Inscription on slip: "My Mother's Voice / Mary Frodsham Greenhow. / The Record is Good for an Amateur, except Two or three high Notes--one very bad one for which the machine and not the singer is to blame, it being greatly exaggerated. / Parts of three of my old Childhood songs."
Woman speaks: "Nineteenth day of June, eighteen hundred and ninety eight. Mary Frodsham Greenhow was born on the twenty-fifth of December eighteen hundred and twenty-two." At end: "Correction, was born eighteen hundred twenty-five. / I mean eighteen twenty-three!" She was the mother of William Henry Greenhow, who wrote the accompanying slip, and sings parts of two or three unidentified songs which he calls his "childhood songs."
Sung in English.
The David Giovannoni Collection of home cylinder recordings (William Henry Greenhow Collection, Set Number: 134-01, Originally acquired: Wayne show, October 2008).
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Cylinder 12856