[Brown wax home recording of family gathering at home of W. H. Greenhow, Hornell, New York, November 16, 1901].

W. H. Greenhow and others.
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Cylinder 12859

Brown wax cylinder.
Inscription on slip: "Record taken November 16, 1901. Grandma Greenhow / Aunt Sarah Wilkinson / Aunt Mary Gillette / Mabel Wombough / Olive Mary Greenhow / Papa."
Mary Frodsham Greenhow speaks: "On this day-- On this sixteenth day of November nineteen one, myself Mary Greenhow, Henry Greenhow my son, Sarah Wilkinson my daughter...."; then she sings two unidentified songs. W. H. Greenhow recites part of "The Heart's Prayer" ("As, down in the sunless retreats of the ocean...."), concludes: "W. H. Greenhow, Hornellsville, New York, November sixteen nineteen hundred and one." Then W. H.'s sister Sarah (Greenhow) Wilkinson speaks: "November sixteenth nineteen hundred and one, I, Sarah Greenhow, am visiting my brother in his home." Then speeches by "Mary Greenhow Gillette, visiting my brother and his friends in his home" and Mabel Wombough; laughter by W. H.'s daughter Olive M. Greenhow: "That was Olive. The other was Mabel. I have had the hardest work to get these people to talk into this machine, they're so awful about it. But you ought to see 'em and hear 'em when we don't want 'em to talk!"
Sung in English.
The David Giovannoni Collection of home cylinder recordings (William Henry Greenhow Collection, Set Number: 134-04, Originally acquired: Wayne show, October 2008).
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Cylinder 12859