[Brown wax home recording of speech and singing by W. H. Greenhow, Eliza Case, Lillie Davies, and John Davies Jr., Hornell, New York, October 5, 1902].

W. H. Greenhow, Eliza Case, Lillie Davies, John Davies Jr..
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Cylinder 12860


Cylinder 12860-1

Brown wax cylinder.
Inscription on slip: "WHG / Eliza / Lillie / and Others / First part poor / Last part better."
First transfer contains part one only. Part one begins with announcement by W. H. Greenhow: "Hornellsville, October five, nineteen hundred and two"; then woman speaks, beginning: "Eliza Case, visiting her brother Henry Greenhow"; then equally faint segment spoken and sung ("Sleep Baby Sleep") by Lillie Davies. Part two begins with W. H. Greenhow: "This record is so unsatisfactory that I am going to have the ladies repeat their little pieces. The first on the program will be a short address by Mrs. Eliza Case of Racine, Wisconsin." Eliza Case recites "An old white hen with yellow legs that laid her master many eggs." Then W. H. announces: "The next piece on the program will be a short address by Mrs Lillie Davies of Racine Wisconsin." She speaks ("I am in Hornellsville for the first time in twenty years....") and sings "Sleep Baby Sleep." THen W. H. announces: "John Davies the Junior of Racine Wisconsin will now address the audience." Elizabeth Alice (Greenhow) Case (1831-1919) was W. H. Greenhow's half-sister, the child of his father's first wife, married to DeWayne Case of Racine, Wisconsin. Lillie Eliza (Case) Davies was her daughter, and the mother of John Pugh Davies, Jr.
Sung in English.
The David Giovannoni Collection of home cylinder recordings (William Henry Greenhow Collection, Set Number: 134-05, Originally acquired: Wayne show, October 2008).
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Cylinder 12860