[Brown wax home recording of singing, laughter, and messages to Florian Fuchs by Johann Fitzinger, Maria Fitzinger, and Karl Frei].

Johann Fitzinger; Maria Fitzinger; Karl Frei.
Release year:

Cylinder 12912

[Place of production unknown]
Brown wax cylinder.
Inscription on lid, in pencil: "Ana [Bahm?]"; in ink: "gebrochen"; inscription on box: "Ana Ba[hmann?] gebrochen"; however, the lid found with 141-29 ("Joh. Fitzinger / Maria Fitzinger / Karl Frei") appears to match the content of this cylinder.
Spoken message, singing, and laughter by Johann Fitzinger; spoken message by Maria Fitzinger; spoken message, singing, and laughter by Karl Frei. Likely recorded during Florian Fuchs's visit to Ullrichs in November 1912.
Spoken in German.
The David Giovannoni Collection of home cylinder recordings (Florian Fuchs Collection, Set Number: 141-26, Originally acquired: Jim Ross, c. 2010).
Original Item Information:
Cylinder 12912