[Brown wax home recording of messages to George Dunlop and his fiance in America from family in Ireland, made December 26, 1900].

William (?) Dunlop.
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Cylinder 12962


Cylinder 12962-1

Brown wax cylinder.
Man speaks: "Message from William (?) Dunlop to his brother George, record made December twenty-sixth, nineteen hundred. Dear George: A good many years have passed since I saw you.... it is reported in Ireland that you are about to get married. I wish you all sorts of happiness and prosperity. I would like to have played the Wedding March for the occasion, but I have done the next best thing sending a record of it on the graphophone.... Good-bye, your loving brother, William (?)." Second portion of recording is addressed from the same speaker to George's fiance, whom he had apparently met in Ireland years before. Finally, a woman speaks a message, noting the phonograph as a "wonderful machine," stating: "America no doubt is a great country, but no place in the wide world will ever be so beautiful to me as dear old Erin, the land of my birth"; and concluding with the song "Come Back to Erin."
Sung in English.
The David Giovannoni Collection of home cylinder recordings (Set Number: 176-02).
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Cylinder 12962