[Brown wax home recording of auction of the F. E. Moses farm by Clyde Oman].

Clyde Oman.
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Cylinder 12963

Brown wax cylinder.
Inscription on lid: "Clyde Oman / Auction"; inscription on box: "Clyde Oman Auction."
Auctioneering pitch for the farm of "Mister Fran Moses" (F. E. Moses), who has decided to move to the San Luis Valley in Colorado, including the sale of an Angus cow, the Pride of Aberdeen, to Perry Benshoof (1865-1956), a neighboring farmer. The performer, Peter Clyde Oman (1870-1951), was also a local farmer and real estate businessman.
Sung in English.
The David Giovannoni Collection of home cylinder recordings (F. E. Moses Collection, Set Number: 179-01, Originally acquired: Don Hill Collection, c.2000 (from Bevis Faversham, 1992)).
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Cylinder 12963