[Brown wax home recording of magazine advertisement for Edison Gold Moulded Records, recorded over piano music].

Performer not given.
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Cylinder 13028

Brown wax cylinder.
Male speech recorded over palimpsest piano recording. The first segment follows the text of a magazine advertisement published in the fall of 1904: "Edison Gold Moulded Phonograph Records, reduced to thirty-five cents each. This price buys the same rich, loud, pure-toned Records that have made the Edison Product famous. They are the most perfect reproductions of sound ever made. The constant improvement that has carried them beyond competition will be zealously continued [published text has 'as zealously']." A lower, echoey voice continues the advertisement: "This price places the famous Edison Phonograph and its equipment within the reach of thousands who do not now own one." This sentence is multitracked with: "In eighteen hundred and thirty four, [Dred] Scott had made a trip to the Northern states." Then the advertisement continues: "You need an Edison Phonograph to entertain your friends. It is the only infallible amusement for every sort of visitor, and the best of fun for yourself. If you want good times this season buy an Edison Phonograph." Another speech at the end contains the line "There was lack of woman's nursing, there was lack of woman's tears," but doesn't otherwise follow the source poem ("Bingen On the Rhine").
Sung in English.
The David Giovannoni Collection of home cylinder recordings (Set Number: 208-01, Originally acquired: Don Hill Collection, c.2000).
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Cylinder 13028