[Brown wax home recording of Down in the licensed saloon, by F. E. Landinger (?)].

Mrs. F. G. Van Meter.
Release year:

Cylinder 13244

Alternate Title:
Down in the licensed saloon
Announcement at beginning: "Down in the Licensed Saloon, sung by Mrs. F. G. Van Meter."
Brown wax cylinder.
Inscription on base of box: "Down in the Licensed Saloon."
Place of recording likely the United States.
Female vocal solo with organ ccompaniment. According to tradition in the family that preserved the cylinder, this may have been Hannah Olive (Van Meter) Leighton, daughter of Cyrus and Virginia Van Meter; based on the announcement, however, the singer is more likely to be the wife of her brother F. G. Van Meter.
Sung in English.
The David Giovannoni Collection of home cylinder recordings (Set Number: 339-01, Originally acquired: From Bill Marten (Madison, WI), wife's family's recordings, 2007).
Original Item Information:
Cylinder 13244