[Brown wax home recording in which F. L. Embree entrusts his graphophone to Ben Waller (?) for the winter, November 30, 1898].

Frank Lawrence Embree.
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Cylinder 13294

Brown wax cylinder.
List accompanying cylinder case: "(71) Daddy - Nov. 30, 1898. Wed."
Male speech: "Hello, Mister Graphophone, very much obliged to you...."; second segment begins: "Uh, hello, Mister Graphophone, this is November thirtieth eighteen hundred and ninety eight, Wednesday. Tomorrow we're all going to New York, and we're leaving you in charge of Ben Waller [?] and his wife," etc. Another segment begins recorded partially over the preceding one, with oral signature "Frank Embree." Refers to Charles Bradford and Tom King of "Number Four," a nickname for Charlestown, New Hampshire.
Sung in English.
The David Giovannoni Collection of home cylinder recordings (Frank Lawrence Embree Collection, Set Number: 294-33, Originally acquired: The Musical Wonder House Collection, 2011).
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Cylinder 13294