U.S. Army bugle calls. part 2

S. W. Smith, U. S. N., and Bugle Squad.
Issue Number:
Edison Blue Amberol: 3332.
Edison Record: 5722.
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Cylinder 5575

Dubbed from Edison Diamond Disc matrix 5722.
Year of release from "Edison Blue Amberol Recordings" by R. Dethlefson, v.2 (1981).
Edison Blue Amberol: 3332.
Bugle calls given are as follows: Stable Call; Water Call; Adjutant's Call; Retreat; Church Call; Boots and Saddles; School Call; Fatique; Signal to Horse; Attention; Prepare to Mount; Mount; Forward March; Charge; Battalion; Halt; Prepare to Dismount; Dismount; Commerce Firing; Cease Firing; Liberty Call.
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Cylinder 5575: Take 2