Questa o quella ;. La donna e mobile [Rigoletto. Selections]

Alessandro Bonci.
Issue Number:
Edison Blue Amberol: 29001.
Edison Amberol: 29001.
Release year:

Cylinder 1541

Reissue of Edison 4-minute Amberol 29001.
Edison Blue Amberol: 29001.
Selections from the opera Rigoletto.
Year of relase from Edison Blue Amberol cylinders: U.S., special, and foreign issues, 1912-1929 / Allan Sutton, 2009.
Edison Blue Amberol Special Grand Opera Record.
Reissued in 1918 as part of the Royal Purple Amberol series.
Tenor solo in Italian with orchestra accompaniment.
Library copy one from William R. Moran collection, copy two from Terrance McGowan collection.
William R. Moran collection.
Original Item Information:
Cylinder 1541: Copy 1, Take 0; Cylinder 15685: Copy 2, Take 1