Soldier songs

Chorus of Male Voices.
Issue Number:
Edison Blue Amberol: 3638
Edison Record: 6374
Release year:

Cylinder 7802

Other Title:
Good-bye Alexander.
Watch the bee go get the hun.
If he can fight like he can love, good night Germany.
When Yankee Doodle learns to parlez vous Francais.
Oui, oui, Marie.
Oh! Frenchy.
Dubbed from Edison Diamond Disc matrix 6374.
Year of release from "Edison Blue Amberol Recordings" by R. Dethlefson, v.2 (1981).
Edison Blue Amberol: 3638.
Vocal selection. Medley includes "Good-bye Alexander," "Watch the Bee Go Get the Hun," "If He Can Fight Like He Can Love, Good Night Germany," "When Yankee Doodle Learns to Parlez Vous Francais," "Oui Oui, Marie," and "Oh! Frenchy."
Original Item Information:
Cylinder 7802—take 2—Special Coll., Performing Arts