Four musical hits [Songs. Selections]

U.S. Military Band.
Issue Number:
U.S. Everlasting Record: 1437
Release year:

Cylinder 5168

Other Title:
Let me live and stay in Dixie land.
Dreams, just dreams.
Alexander's ragtime band.
That mysterious rag.
U.S. Everlasting Record: 1437.
Year of release from "The Complete Catalogue of the United States Everlasting Indestructible Cylinders, 1908 - 1913" by Major H.H. Annand, (1966).
Medley of hits include "That mysterious rag," "Let me live and stay in Dixie land," "Dreams, just dreams," and "Alexander's ragtime band."
Instrumental selection.
Library's copy two from David Giovannoni Collection.
Group Name:
Ragtime music.
Original Item Information:
Cylinder 5168—Special Coll., Performing Arts
Cylinder 12571—Take 1—Special Coll., Performing Arts