Lucia di Lammermoor. [Lucia di Lammermoor. Fra poco a me ricovero]

Alessandro Bonci.
Issue Number:
Edison Blue Amberol: 29004
Edison Amberol: 29004
Release year:

Cylinder 1544

Reissue of Edison 4-minute Amberol 29004.
Year of release from Edison Blue Amberol cylinders: U.S., special, and foreign issues, 1912-1929 / Allan Sutton, 2009.
Edison Blue Amberol: 29004.
English title: Wild flowers soon shed their bloom.
Year of release from "The Edison Phonograph Monthly," v.11 (1913).
Edison Blue Amberol Special Grand Opera Record.
Tenor solo in Italian with orchestra accompaniment.
William R. Moran collection.
Original Item Information:
Cylinder 1544—Take 1—Special Coll., Performing Arts