A bird in a gilded cage

Harry Anthony (copy one) ; Joe Natus? (copy two and copy three).
Issue Number:
Edison Record: 7587
Release year:

Cylinder 8390

Brown wax cylinder.
Edison Record: 7587.
Title and performer from announcement.
Year of release and record number from Edison Cylinder Records, 1889 - 1912 / Allen Koenigsberg, 1969.
Library's copy two with accompanying Edison Record slip listing Joe Natus as performer.
Tenor solo with piano.
Library’s copy three from John Levin Collection.
John Levin Collection.
Original Item Information:
Cylinder 14760—Special Coll., Performing Arts
Cylinder 8390—Special Coll., Performing Arts
Cylinder 11602—Copy 2—Special Coll., Performing Arts