Poet and peasant overture [Dichter und Bauer. Ouvertüre; arranged]

Gilmore's Band.
Issue Number:
Columbia Phonograph Co.: 1546
Release year:

Cylinder 8807

Brown wax cylinder.
Columbia Phonograph Co.: 1546.
Year of release and performer information from Two-minute brown wax and XP cylinder records of the Columbia Phonograph Company / Kenneth M. Lorenz, 1981.
Band music.
Library's copy three from John Levin collection, copy four from Allen G. Debus collection.
Frederick P. Williams Collection.
John Levin collection.
Allen G. Debus collection.
Group Name:
Original Item Information:
Cylinder 16535—Copy 4—Take 2—Special Coll., Performing Arts
Cylinder 15477—Copy 3—Special Coll., Performing Arts
Cylinder 13641—Copy 2—Special Coll., Performing Arts
Cylinder 8807—Copy 1—Special Coll., Performing Arts