[Brown wax home recording of remarks by Father O'Brien at end of commercial recording of Dancing on the housetops by the Edison Symphony Orchestra].

Father O'Brien.
Release year:

Cylinder 13308

Brown wax concert cylinder.
At end of commercial recording, man says: "Well, isn't that a pretty fine selection? It is one of the best, uh, selections that I have. Isn't it marvelous how accurately this machine reproduces sound. It is one of the wonders of the age." Speaker presumed to be Father O'Brien based on 353-6.
Sung in English.
The David Giovannoni Collection of home cylinder recordings (Father O'Brien - Concert Cylinder Collection, Set Number: 353-05, Originally acquired: Union Phonograph Show, 2013).
Original Item Information:
Special Coll., Performing Arts Cylinder 13308