[Brown wax home recording of Safe in the promised land, sung by Grandma Rose, 1913].

Grandma Rose.
Release year:

Cylinder 12804

Alternate Title:
Safe in the promised land
Brown wax cylinder.
Inscription on box: "Grandma Rose / 1913"; inscription on lid: "June 3[..?] / Born 1833 / P. Rose / About 1910 or 1911 / Grandpa / Rose / 76 or 77."
Place of recording likely the United States.
Woman speaks at beginning: "Hello, children"; says she's going to sing one of the "songs I used to sing when I was a child"; unaccompanied female vocal; concludes: "That is all." After a blank space, a second recording follows with additional verses; then, at the end of the cylinder, the performer wishes goodnight to the children. "Safe in the Promised Land" exists in numerous variants and first appeared in print in 1832. The box inscription naming "Grandma Rose" presumably matches this cylinder, but the lid inscription appears to refer to a "Grandpa Rose" and so may not.
Sung in English.
The David Giovannoni Collection of home cylinder recordings (Set Number: 101-03, Originally acquired: Mike Ellingson, June 2009).
Original Item Information:
Special Coll., Performing Arts Cylinder 12804