Sans le vouloir.

Maréchal, de l'Eldorado.
Issue Number:
Cylindres Pathé: 1981.
Cylindres Pathé: 16436.
Release year:

Cylinder 10866

Pathé Salon cylinder.
Cylindres Pathé: 1981 (16436).
"Répertoire Kam-Hill"---on lid.
Male vocal solo in French with piano.
Library's copy one has mold number, 16436 ; copy two has mold number, 16448 ; copy three has mold number 2401 ; copy four has mold number 2424 ; copy five has mold number 3800.
Library's copy one from Edouard Pecourt collection, copies four and five from Lynn Andersen collection.
Edouard Pecourt collection.
Lynn Andersen collection.
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Original Item Information:
Special Coll., Performing Arts Cylinder 16942