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The wee little house that you live in


Glen Ellison.

Issue Number/Label:

23403: Edison Blue Amberol Record

Issue Number/Label:

3917: Edison Record

Year of Release:



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Foreign Blue Amberol record release: British series.


Edison Blue Amberol Record: 23403.


Dubbed from Edison Diamond Disc matrix 3917.

Personal Name:

Mellor, Tom.

Personal Name:

Ellison, Glen (Baritone)

Personal Name:

Gifford, Harry, 1878-1960.

Personal Name:

Godfrey, Fred, 1880-1953.


Popular music--1911-1920.

Original Item Location:

Special Coll., Performing Arts - Cylinder 7573 (Take 4)


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Edison originally envisioned sound recording as a tool for office dictation, not entertainment.

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