Bella figlia dell' amore [Rigoletto. Quartetto]

Cesare Alessandroni, baritone ; Mdlle. Madelaine Borschneck, contralto ; Mme. Wright-Heims, soprano ; Jose Erard, tenor.
Issue Number:
U.S. Everlasting Record: 33024
Release year:

Cylinder 5200

U.S. Everlasting Record: 33024.
English title: Fairest Daughter of the Graces.
Year of release from "The Complete Catalogue of the United States Everlasting Indestructible Cylinders, 1908 - 1913" by Major H.H. Annand, (1966).
U.S. Everlasting Grand Opera Record.
Italian vocal quartette with orchestra accompaniment.
Original Item Information:
Cylinder 5200—Special Coll., Performing Arts