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[Brown wax home recording of whistling and man calling dog].


Performers not given.


Stream cylinder 13057: Download: MP3 file (2-4 MB) (Usage info)


Brown wax cylinder.


Place of recording likely the United States.


Man speaks briefly at beginning. Then whistling; selections include "Turkey in the Straw," "When Johnny Comes Marching Home," "Marching Through Georgia," and "Mosquito Parade." At end: "Rover! D'you want to go to the store? C'mon Rover now, that's a nice boy. Come, Rover! Rover! C'mon, Rover! Where are ya? Wait (?) here."

Collection Information:

The David Giovannoni Collection of home cylinder recordings (Set Number: 235-01).

Original Item Location:

Special Coll., Performing Arts - Cylinder 13057

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