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Number of hits: 7 Records    




Issue Number/Label

Year of Release


Arthur Fields.

All those in favor say aye

3777: Edison Blue Amberol
6666: Edison Record



Lou Chiha Frisco.

The drytown blues

3314: Edison Blue Amberol
5631: Edison Record



Edward Meeker.

Every day will be Sunday when the town goes dry

3727: Edison Blue Amberol
6576-B: Edison Record



Al Bernard.

Everybody wants a key to my cellar

3790: Edison Blue Amberol
6724: Edison Record



Maurice Burkhart.

It's the smart little feller who stocked up his cellar that's getting the beautiful girls

3961: Edison Blue Amberol
7039: Edison Record



Billy Murray.


3953: Edison Blue Amberol
7031: Edison Record



Maurice Burkhart.

What's the good of kicking, let's go 'round with a smile

4109: Edison Blue Amberol
7198: Edison Record



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