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Number of hits: 11 Records    




Issue Number/Label

Year of Release


Arthur Collins and Byron G. Harlan.


10075: Edison Standard Record



Arthur Collins and Byron G. Harlan.

Alabama jubilee

2663: Edison Blue Amberol
3804: Edison Record



Charles Hart and Elliott Shaw.

Alabama lullaby

3462: Indestructible Record



Gladys Rice and Marion Evelyn Cox.

Alabama lullaby

3772: Edison Blue Amberol
6682: Edison Record



Edison Modern Minstrels.

Alabama minstrels

8631: Edison Gold Moulded Record



Gladys Rice.

Alabama moon

4058: Edison Blue Amberol
7223: Edison Record



Ada Jones.

Little Alabama coon

1523: Edison Gold Moulded Record



George J. Gaskin.

Little Alabama coon

[between 1890 and 1902]


Greater New York Quartet.

Little Alabama coon

9005: Columbia Phonograph Co.

[between 1896 and 1900]


Oakland Quartette.

On Mobile Bay

10495: Edison Standard Record



Irving and Jack Kaufman.

When the bees make honey

3834: Edison Blue Amberol
6722: Edison Record



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With shot and shell - U.S. Marine Band. (Edison Standard Record: 10531), [1911].

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