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Number of hits: 14 Records    




Issue Number/Label

Year of Release


Edison Mixed Quartette.

Blessed assurance

10063: Edison Standard Record



Edison Mixed Quartette.

The bright forever

10428: Edison Standard Record



Rittersville Sunday School.

[Brown wax home recording of Draw me nearer, by the Rittersville Sunday School] /


Performer not given.

[Brown wax home recording of male and female vocal solos including Blessed assurance and Blest be the tie that binds].


Ernest V. Parsell (?).

[Brown wax home recording of Pass me not, o gentle savior, sung by Ernest V. Parsell (?)] /


Mapleside (?) Quartet.

[Brown wax home recording of There's music in the air, sung by the Mapleside (?) Quartet] /


Calvary Choir.

Favorite hymns of Fanny Crosby.

3431: Edison Blue Amberol
4539: Edison Record



Fred East and Lewis James.

Only a step to Jesus

4030: Edison Blue Amberol
7153: Edison Record



Harry Anthony and James F. Harrison.

Rescue the perishing

9711: Edison Gold Moulded Record



Harry Anthony and James F. Harrison.

Saviour, more than life

10468: Edison Standard Record



Harry Anthony and James F. Harrison

Some sweet day, bye and bye

10086: Edison Standard Record



Metropolitan Quartet.

Some sweet day, bye and bye

3304: Edison Blue Amberol
5589: Edison Record



[Frank C.] Stanley and [Irving] Gillette [i.e. Henry Burr].

Though your sins be as scarlet

425: Edison Amberol



Edison Mixed Quartette.

To the work

9783: Edison Gold Moulded Record



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Bay State quickstep - Vess L. Ossman. (Edison Gold Moulded Record: 7955), [1902?].

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