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Edison Grand Opera Cylinders

Edison Grand Opera Cylinder

L'Africaine [Africaine. O paradis sorti de l'onde] / Meyerbeer. Sung by Florencio Constantino. Edison Amberol: B-178. 1910.

While well-known overtures and classical works figured prominently in Edison's Gold Moulded and Amberol cylinders, performances by professionally trained opera singers were largely issued several special series of Grand Opera Cylinders. The Edison "B" series started as a series of 113 two-minute Gold Moulded cylinders and eventually continued as a series of four-minute Amberol records. Later series of four-minute Grand Opera cylinders included the 30000, 35000, and 40000 blocks of numbers. Famous performers of the day are found here, including Florencio Constantino, Leo Slezak, Josephine Jacoby, and other well-known opera singers of the time.

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In 1905 Columbia introduced its Twentieth Century cylinders which were six inches long and had a playing time of 3 minutes. They were discontinued in 1908 due to poor sales.

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