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Edison Bell Cylinders

Edison Bell Cylinder

What does it matter to me? / Whit Cunliffe. Edison Bell: 6901. 1906.

The largest cylinder manufacturer in England was Edison Bell, which produced several thousand titles in the first two decades of the twentieth century. From the early 1890s until 1903, the cylinder record industry in England had been ruled by the Edison Bell Consolidated Phonograph Company, as their patents gave them control over virtually every aspect of manufacturing and selling of cylinder records and phonographic “talking machines” in England. Upon the expiration of their patents, the industry was opened to competition.

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Sheriff's sale of a stranded circus - Len Spencer and Gilbert Girard. (Edison Gold Moulded Record: 9779), [1908].

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The Stroh violin was invented to produce a louder sound that would record better on acoustic cylinders and discs.

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