[Brown wax home recording of male speaker introducing Mister Graphophone to a man who has repaired his bicycle, followed by piano playing I love her oh oh oh!].

"Daddy," i.e., Frank Lawrence Embree.
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Cylinder 13282


Cylinder 13282-1

Brown wax cylinder.
List accompanying cylinder case: "(38) Daddy and Bicycle - I love Her Oh! Oh!"
Male speech: "Hello, Mister Graphophone, uh, I'm very much obliged to you for speaking back to me as you did after that other record. Mister [...] is over here from Pemaquid Falls, he came over here to bring over my bicycle," etc. Whistling, singing, speech to "you black rascal." Piano solo of "I Love Her Oh Oh Oh!," possibly on a player piano. Two transfers made to attempt better tracking.
Sung in English.
The David Giovannoni Collection of home cylinder recordings (Frank Lawrence Embree Collection, Set Number: 294-21, Originally acquired: The Musical Wonder House Collection, 2011).
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Special Coll., Performing Arts Cylinder 13282